Sample Finger Food Menu

"whatever it takes..."

Below is a sample selection of Finger Food options suitable for any event.

Club sandwiches $2.50 each

Smoked chicken and cucumber
Bacon, lettuce and tomato
Leg ham, egg and lettuce
Smoked salmon and lemon cream cheese

Crostini $2.00 each

Pate and orange
Hummus and spicy egg plant
Pate, rocket and slow roasted tomato

Smashed pea, prosciutto and bocconcini

Hot Options:

Olive bites $2.00 each
Chestnuts wrapped in bacon on a pick $2.00 each
Petit French savoury selection $1.00 each
Greek mini pizza with basil, olives and mozzarella $2.00 each
Asian pesto prawns $2.00 each
Mini filo triangles with Thai pumpkin filling $2.00 each

Mini filo triangles with roast garlic, sweetcorn and feta filling $3.00 each

Mini filo triangles with ricotta, spinach, pesto and pine nuts $3.00 each

Thai beef kebabs with spicy peanut sauce $2.50 each

Lebanese falafel with cucumber and yoghurt dipping sauce $2.00 each
Mini chicken kebabs with satay sauce $2.00 each

Spiced coconut lamb skewers $2.50 each
Mini spring rolls $1.00 each
Mini samosa $1.00 each
South Island salmon cubes with Moroccan flavours and chermoulia dipping sauce $2.50 each
French savouries $2.00

Prawn twist with garlic aioli $2.00 each

Spicy quesadillas $2.00

Mozarella risotto balls with aioli $2.50 each

Chilli cheese tomato tarts $3.50 each 

Caramelised onion & feta tarts $3.50 each

Woodfired baby pizzas with hot smoked salmon and green goddess sauce $4.50 each

Cold Options:

Pepperdew filled with feta and fresh basil $2.00 each
Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil and Bocconcini on a pick $2.50 each

Petite Blini with pear butter, blue cheese and walnut $2.50 each


                      Prices exclude GST

We can assist with combinations and quantities.

A minimum order of 10 of any one item applys.

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